Terry & Carol Thompson - General Director, Furlough Replacement

Terry & Carol Thompson

The Lord led Terry to serve in Chile for a year with GMSA in December 1970. Carol joined the team in 1973 and we married on July 14th and arrived in Chile for our first term in December. The first two terms were primarily serving in the Chiloe Islands with a boat ministry, tent evangelism and establishing local churches. Our third and fourth terms involved establishing a local church in Santiago - a city of six million souls - and field leadership. The Lord led us into directing the Mission from the Ft. Lauderdale headquarters in January 1994 and we continue to oversee and coordinate the three sending countries and the three “fields” endeavoring to encourage and help the Lord's servants at home and overseas. The Mission has graciously allowed us, at times, to replace certain missionaries while they furlough, giving us a much needed update of what field ministry is like for our missionaries. We are currently preaching the Word of God in Gualeguaychu, Argentina.

Prayer Requests: 1. Wisdom to lead and encourage others. 2. Souls to be saved (the Lord is glorified and the missionaries are encouraged). 3. New missionaries for the fields and new board members for the homelands. 4. For our three children and their families serving in Chile.